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All vendors should have liability insurance as a business.  If you do not have insurance, please be aware you will be liable for any customer damages relating to your product or any issues stemming from your booth space.  We reserve the right to not approve you to be a part of the market based on your insurance.  All instances will be referred back to the vendor for any claims.  If you need event insurance, please use the following link to purchase from our preferred vendor, ACT Insurance.  

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All prepared food vendors (excluding most Cottage Industry) are required to have a current Collin County Health Permit prior to setting up for your booth. Please upload your permit at this time.


If you currently do not have your permit, please click HERE to download the form to submit to the Collin County Health Inspector for approval.  Once approved, be sure to upload your permit on your online profile.  

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Guidelines & Requirements

Subject to change

Farmers’ Market Rules

Vendors shall agree to the terms of these rules by signing the agreement.  The onsite Market Manager is responsible for the operation of the market and for enforcing the rules of the market.  All vendors are expected to abide by the rules.  Any violation of any of the provisions of the market shall be a material breach and default by the vendor and the market manager shall reserve the right to cancel any vendor’s participation at any time if and when the vendor is found to be in violation of any of the market rules or eligibility requirements.  All vendors wanting to sell at the market must agree to the terms of these rules.


All vendors must abide by the health code and restrictions, sales rules and laws of the city, county and state of Texas. 


Designation and allocation of spaces at the market are determined by the selection committee and/or the market manager and may be changed at any time as deemed necessary.

  • Hours of operation:

    • AM Market – 9am to 3pm; Foo vendors 8am to 3p

    • PM Events – 5pm to 10 pm

    • Sundays - vendors can elect times.

    • Special Event Days – TBD - these days may have a higher cost 

    • Rain or Shine – if inclement weather is in the forecast, vendors will use their own discretion regarding attendance and will not be counted towards a missed set up unless it is a sever weather advisory.

    • Sell Out – if you sell out of your product, you are required to be at your booth and not breakdown early.  This is a great opportunity to take orders or sell your products online with customers.

  • The Market manager will strive to limit similar types of all items, to maximize variety for the consumer and regulate competition within the market. 

  • Vendors may not sublet their booths space. 

  • Vendors may not bring pets to the market.

  • Professional standards must always be in place and adhere to appropriate attire and grooming that is visually neat, clean and appropriate.  All hair styles are acceptable if the vendor adheres to all food safety rules regarding hair.

  • Vendors are required to attend the market options they have selected.  If a vendor misses 3 markets, the vendor will be placed on the wait list ad will not be refunded their vendor fees unless an exception has been made with the Farmers Market for consideration.  It is the duty of the vendor to inform the market manager if they have an emergency or a conflict with as much advance notice as possible so that a wait listed vendor can fill the space.  If the market manager can fill the space, the manager reserves the right to move the paid fee to a future date, unless a 3-day violation occurs.

  • Vendors shall supply their own materials, containers, trash cans, tents and or other necessary equipment to successfully run their event.  All setup is to be done by the vendor.  All tenting must be weighted down.  If a tent is erected, each leg of the tent must be weighted with a minimum of 25 pounds for a total of 100 pounds per tent.  Each weight use be attached securely to the tent with strong rope or bungees, unless the weight has been manufactured to securely fit the leg of the tent.  Umbrellas must also be properly weighted with at least 50 pounds of weight securely attached by strong rope or bungee to the pole and base of the umbrella.  Weighting the base of the umbrella alone will not comply with the requirement.  If any tent or umbrella is not properly weighted down, it must be immediately taken down.  If winds reach over 15 mph, tents or umbrellas will be requested to be immediately taken down.

  • No firearms, alcoholic beverages, nicotine (vaping and or/tobacco) or other illegal contraband will not be permitted for sale or be allowed to be on the person operating the vendors space.  We reserve the right to inform the necessary authorities and remove the vendor if they are in violation at the vendors own risk.  Alcohol may only be sold by an approved TABC permit holder.

  • All products shall be grown, raised and/or produced directly by the vendor within the Texas region, with the exception of approved full disclosure of selling another’s product with the name, contact info and location of origin.  The exception is non-perishable items (clothing, art etc.).

  • Vendors can only sell the items they have been approved to sell.  Any additional items will require a new application submittal for the committee to review.  The application fee will apply for an amended application.

  • All pricing is determined by the vendor and must always be displayed.  Bartering is at the discretion of the vendor; however, the initial price must be displayed.

  • Vendors shall, if applicable, have a sales tax certificate or any applicable licenses and permits available for inspections at all times.  It is the vendor’s sole responsibility to comply with the state comptroller’s requirements for any products sold at the market. Types of permits that may be required:

    • Sales Tax Certificate

    • General Liability Insurance

    • Health Permits

    • Food Handler Certificate

    • Proof of Commercial Kitchen

    • Floral Permit

    • State Food Manufacturer Permit

    • Slaughterhouse Grant of Inspection

  • All vendors are required to have and/or obtain insurance of $1,000,000 general liability and must add the Borough as additional insured.  The Market can provide a link for you to obtain insurance if you do not already have general liability business insurance.  Because the vendor is solely responsible for damages resulting from the sale of unsafe or unsound goods, to maintain an obstacle free space and to ensure their products are handle as acceptable by the city, county and state health departments, the insurance is mandatory.

  • AM Vendors

    • Setup begins as early as 7am for food vendors and 8am for all other vendors.  Vendor must be ready to sell at 9am when the Market opens.

    • Vendors are responsible for off loading their trash during the duration and at the conclusion of the event and keeping their space clean/free of any conditions that might potentially result in or cause injury to vendors and the public during the market hours (do not place any trash in any of the public trash cans surrounding the downtown Wylie area).  Trash cans on site are for customers only and not for vendor trash. 

    • Parking for Vendors and their workers will be in the parking lot behind Landon Winery strip of businesses, leaving the front parking areas for customers.

    • Vendors begin breaking down at 3 pm and have one hour to vacate your space, ensuring the space is free of any and all trash and equipment.  No equipment can be left overnight on the lot without prior approval.  (If you have an all-day lease, you do not have to breakdown, but encouraged to take the time to reset your space.)

    • You will be charged for the cleaning of your space if the market manager has to remove any trash or items left behind, at a fee of $50 disposal fee. 

  • PM Vendors

    • Setup begins as early as 3:30 pm.  Vendor must be ready to sell at 5pm when the Market re-opens.

    • Vendors are responsible for off loading their trash during the duration and at the conclusion of the event and keeping their space clean/free of any conditions that might potentially result in or cause injury to vendors and the public during the market hours (do not place any trash in any of the public trash cans surrounding the downtown Wylie area)

    • Parking for Vendors and their workers will be in the parking lot behind Landon Winery strip of businesses, leaving the front parking areas for customers.

    • Vendors begin breaking down at 10 pm ensuring the space is free of any and all trash and equipment.  No equipment can be left overnight on the lot. 

    • You will be charged for the cleaning of your space if the market manager has to remove any trash or items left behind, at a fee of $50 disposal fee. 

  • Performers – if you are a cover band, keep in mind that there are rules governing profiting off music that is copyrighted, and you do not hold a license to perform.  We do not police this, however, if it becomes a reported issue, we are obligated by law to stop you from accepting any money for selling any music that is copyrighted.

  • Cottage Law applicants who have products which require a specific recipe or acidity requirement must show proof of the state approved recipe and/or acidity testing.  Additionally, Cottage Law applicants must provide a clear copy of the following

    • Texas Cottage Law compliant label with the complete list of ingredients

    • Food Handler Certificate/Card

    • May be required to get a Farmers Market Food Permit

  • Electricity – first preference will go to those vendors selling potentially hazardous foods and is available on an extremely limited basis.  Vendors are encouraged to find ways that they do not need electricity in order to sell their product or to find safe, independent, potable means to obtain needed electricity.  Vendors are encouraged to use generators in lieu of on-site electricity, however, if a generator is too noisy or causes unpleasant odors or fumes will be asked to cease use.  Electrical appliances need to be listed by each vendor on the application for approval.  Electrical cords must be carefully covered and concealed for safety. Battery operated appliances are allowed if no permit is required by local, state or federal law. USE OF OUR ELECTRICAL INCURS A DAILY FEE.

  • No smoking or open coals or flames are allowed at the market.

  • Booth Sharing is not allowed without prior approval.  Shared booth pricing applies and will be monitored.

  • Cancellation by Market – The Borough shall make every attempt to open the market during previously scheduled market hours regardless of hot, cold or wet weather.  In the event of an unpleasant weather conditions, the market manager will decide to close eh market, only, if the weather becomes dangerous or other dangerous situation ensues.  In the even the Market is cancelled prior to opening, any vendor who has prepaid the vendor fee for the cancelled day is entitled to credit towards the vendor’s future market for the cancelled day with the exception to those who prepaid for the monthly or 3 month plan.  However, if the market opens too the public on a regularly scheduled day and the weather later becomes dangerous, the decision to close the market is made, then no vendor shall receive a refund fo the booth fee for that day.  Vendors are expected to bear the financial burden if the market is cut short due to inclement weather. If the market is cancelled before it opens, the market manager will make every attempt to contact all vendors first by email and by phone/text and social media to ensure that each vendor is notified.  The market is not responsible for any damage that results from home, cold, wet or otherwise inclement weather.

  • Coming soon will be the SNAP Token Exchange Program.

  • Vendors are responsible for having their own monetary system in place to include change for cash transactions, credit card processes etc.

  • Vendors may be required to submit to a revenue audit at the end of each sale weekend.

  • Vendors shall not discriminate against any customer or vendor as deemed by all state and federal laws and will not be tolerated and can be grounds for being banned from future dates.  Vendors are expected to function on a basis of mutual respect and honesty with their fellow vendors and customer and to provide an enjoyable atmosphere with common courtesy.  Misrepresentations, disparaging remarks or otherwise negative behavior will not be tolerated and will not be given a warning.

  • The market shall reserve the right to revise the Market Rules and Regulations at any time and shall give fair notice of such revision to all participating vendors. 

  • Vendors agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Borough Farmers Market and its agents.

Food Safety Guidelines


All vendors selling prepared, raw or cook-to-order products are required to obtain a Permit from the Collin County Health Inspector and a City of Wylie Health Permit.  Cottage Law /Home Bakers may not be required to have a health permit.  Please check with the Collin County Health Inspector.  All labeling showing the ingredient list, or if the item is prepared in an environment exposed to allergens, must be on packaging. 

Vendors selling foods requiring temperature control must have equipment onsite in order to maintain proper food temperatures and a thermometer on hand to verify temperatures.  Vendors are subject to an inspection by the county health inspector at any time.

Egg Producers selling non-graded eggs from their own flock may be exempt from the Texas Department of Agriculture but must be permitted by the State Health Services.  Eggs must be stored under refrigeration at 45 degrees or less.  A thermometer will be required onsite to verify temperatures.  Eggs must be labeled as non-graded in new cartons (used cartons are not acceptable by the Texas Department of State Health Services. 

Meat Vendors must submit a copy of their State or USDA licensing for verification that the meat is properly processed under the State and/or USDA regulations. Specific labeling requirements must also be met for example, safe food handling, name and address of the distributor or packer etc.  Meat must be stored frozen in a mechanical freezer at zero degrees or less and a thermometer will be required onsite to verify temperatures.

Dairy Vendors must provide a copy of their state milking license.  Fluid, dry and milk-by-products must comply with Grade-A standard and pasteurized.


All Cottage Law food products must meet the Texas Cottage Law labeling requirements to include the following information:  the name and physical address of the cottage food production site, the common or usual name of the product, if the food is made with any food allergens (eggs, nuts, soy, dairy, wheat and etc.) and is listed on the label with the following statement:  THIS FOOD IS MADE IN A HOME KITCHEN AND IS NOT INSPECTED BY THE DEPT OF STATE HEALTH SERVICE OR A LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT.  All labels must be legible.  Products must be packaged in a manner that prevents product contamination.

Food Sampling must adhere to the following guidelines:

You are required to provide these items on your own.

  • Provide a hand wash station consisting of a continuous flow spigot for clean potable water, antibacterial liquid soap, paper towels and a container to catch dirty water from hand washing. Proper hand washing must be done immediately before preparing samples.

  • A 3-step washing stations must be available to wash, rinse and sanitize utensils.

  • Trash can(s)

  • Use of clean or disposable plastic gloves while serving

  • Any produce being sampled must be washed in potable water to remove soil or other visibility material

  • All potentially hazardous food maintained at 41 degrees or below should be disposed of within 2 hours of handling to the public.  Health Department will not allow for TCS foods prepackaged/wrapped or otherwise made, to be sold whole to the public. 

  • Utensil and cutting surfaces used for cutting samples must be smooth, non-absorbent and easily cleaned or disposed of.

By providing your signature you agree to the guidelines and procedures required of you and that violation of these will result in being permanently banned. Guidelines and procedures may change at anytime.  

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